Somewhere in Sudan Part 2

I apologize for the delay in following up with part 2 of Somewhere in Sudan. We have entered a new and exciting season with the Sudan ministry at e3 Partners and it have been hectic. We have had our own “perfect storm” that has been churning for the past several months.

Today I want to talk about the endurance and perseverance of the Sudanese people we met and saw during our trip to “Somewhere in Sudan” and how the LORD is moving in the midst of what many perceive a hopeless situation. To be honest, to those it is hopeless because they do not know what true eternal hope is or where it comes from.

I was and still am so humbled by and envious of the strength and attitude of these people. I look at the daily struggle to live that these people face and endure each day truly not knowing if it will be there last and in the midst of this they have smiles on their face.

The picture of the young teenage girl and her younger brother footing through the swamp barefoot, with a bed carried on her head, and a great big smile on her face, will forever be etched into my mind with the word PERSPECTIVE in bold letters. We had passed these two youngsters early that morning as our team was headed back a safe zone on our way out. See we were being driven out, at least for a few miles, and we passed them early in the morning. About two hours and probably 12 miles later we got stuck real good. We spent several hours trying to dig out. During this time I turned to watch some of the families and individuals footing it on the path and there was the young girl with the bed on her head and her brother walking past us with big smiles on their faces. The sister and brother still had another 28 miles to go before they reached their destination which was a refugee camp in a safer are in the south. 

The story of these two kids is like all the rest who have and are today traveling that swampy path to reach safety from the bombing and to be able eat a meal or possibly two a day. The lucky ones are the families who have the strength and are close enough to leave the war zone and genocide taking place in the North. Many are not strong enough, have been hindered by the rainy season, or are living off the last of the tiny harvest they were able to bring in despite the bombing.

The refugee camps in the south fluctuate daily for now but there are some critical factors that will cause mass movements of refugees southward. First, as soon as the rainy season is over and roads dry the numbers will increase. This will take place sometime in the month of November. Second, with the dry season comes major ground offenses in the war which will increase the flow. Third, and the most effective refugee driver will be when the people run out of the tiny harvest they brought in despite the daily aerial bombings. The starvation factor could double or triple the number of refugees in the camps now.  

In the  very midst of this horrific situation and prospects of thousands of people dying because they can not get enough food to eat there is a bright glorious light that is present. Romans 8:28 is in the middle of this tragedy and an opportunity for the body of CHRIST to move mountains. Believing prayer, financial support, and physical support of the true Christian organizations and CHRIST followers who have responded in obedience to the LORD’S command to help those who are oppressed by evil and do not have the ability to reciprocate the help extended to them.

This is my daily charge to myself and all of my brothers and sisters in CHRIST.  Pursue CHRIST with all your heart, use GOD’S word as mirror to show us our ugly spots, weaknesses, and deficiencies. Beg HIM to use us to usher in HIS kingdom by bringing real eternal hope in JESUS CHRIST in WORD and in deed. Paul puts it this way, Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil. So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.”

Let’s redeem the time as wise men redeeming the time by understanding the will of the LORD. He came not to be served but to serve.


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