A New Season

In ministry just as in life there are many seasons and journeys that we must endure and persevere as we continue our walk along that narrow path. Some seasons are joyful and filled with peace and comfort. Some seasons are painful, sorrowful, and filled with many trials and tribulations. And then, there are some seasons that can be a mixture of both  pain, sorrow, excitement, and joyful anticipation. Well, e3 Sudan a season just as this.

For the past 7 years the LORD has used Mike Congrove as the Strategy Director and leader of e3 Sudan. The LORD partnered Mike and David Kaya together to work toward empowering the people of war-torn Sudan with the gospel and transform a community and nation. Mike poured his heart and soul into this ministry as the first e3 Sudan Director and he recruited and formed an incredible e3 Sudan team over those 7 years. I have been the benefactor of Mike’s wisdom, experience, guidance, and leadership for the past 4 years as a member of the e3 Sudan team which has equipped and prepared me for the mission the LORD has planned.

This past September, after several years of seeking the LORD’S direction and will, Mike Congrove left e3 Partners to start his own ministry for continued work on Sudan. Along with Mike others on the e3 Sudan have and will follow Mike in this new ministry. Mike and I have committed to continue to work together to reach the unreached in Sudan and equip and empower the church in Sudan to transform their nation through the gospel of JESUS CHRIST. We pray for the LORD’S blessing upon Mike and his team as they start a new season in ministry.

So, we also have entered a new season here at e3 Sudan. I am excited about the team the LORD has assembled and the opportunities HE continues to provide for us to be obedient and step into the front lines for HIS glory and namesake. There  will be uncertainty, valleys, and steep hills that will lead to mountaintops of glory for the LORD. It is a daunting and many times seemingly overwhelming tasks surrounding us but we also have the power and promises that far exceed those overwhelming tasks and situations. That is what GOD is all about using those who themselves have not a chance in the world at succeeding unless HE shows up and HE always does because HE never leaves.

As we pass through this season of pain, sorrow, joy, and excitement I ask for, covet, and need your prayers. Pray for our new e3 Sudan team (Sudanese & American). Pray for me  for humility, patience, wisdom, discernment, direction, boldness, love, unity, endurance, perseverance, and a servant’s heart as I take on the new role as e3 Sudan Strategy Director.

I pray that you will continue to stand with us partners and support us as we continue to stumble forward for the glory of our KING JESUS and Heavenly FATHER. In spite of us HE is using us to advance HIS Kingdom. Praise the LORD!

Grace and peace and struggle well in your pursuit of CHRIST!


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