Back to the Mountains of Morobo & the Land of Ten Thousand Mango Trees

Over the past four days we have been stunned and reminded of the fact that we do not know what the future seconds hold. Our lives can cease or be radically changed in an instant.  If we watch the news it is as if the world in every way is turned upside down, is out of control, full of terror and fear with no hope. This is the view of the world and I fear that is the view of many Christian sisters and brothers in our country at this time. Satan wants us all to believe all of this. But, we know the true hope we have in our KING and the truth that HE is in control and despite the lies of satan and the world we know that there is always a Romans 8:28-29 despite how we feel about or view the present circumstances. HE is the victor and HE is ushering in HIS Kingdom, and the sufficiency of HIS Truth is what we must hold tight.

CHRIST reigns and is moving in ways that we have never seen. CHRIST is claiming victory in hundreds of thousands of lives each day all across the world. It is amazing to hear the stories from the front lines of the battle throughout the world. So in light of all of the chaos in the world here is some true hope and joy in our HOLY KING.

In just a few hours another U.S. team will be departing from all over the country (Portland, Louisville, and Dallas) on their journey back to South Sudan where we were a year ago almost to the day. We are excited and anticipating how the LORD will use us and our Sudanese team over the next 18 days as we seek out the persons of peace whom we have been praying for, proclaim the gospel to them, and immediately begin training them to be obedient to CHRIST’s commands by sharing, teaching, evangelizing, and training others to be to do the same. We pray for Matthew 28:18-20 and 2 Timothy 2:2 to literally come to life over these next 18 days. We pray for eternal transformation.

The first half of our expedition will be spent in the mountains of Morobo County and then we travel 80 miles west to Tore, the Land of Ten Thousand Mango Trees, where we will spend the second half of the expedition. Join us in this expedition by praying that the LORD will direct us to these persons of peace, speak through us with HIS grace, love, and boldness in proclaiming HIS gospel and truth, and by make multiplying disciples through the power of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Look up and hold fast to the eternal joy in JESUS CHRIST. HE is sovereign, HE reigns, and HE is victorious!!!


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